Violin Beetle in a Frame


Species Name: Mormolyce tridens

Common Name: Violin Beetle
Origin: Malaysia

Size: 4 x 6" Shadow Box Frame

I like to work with this beetle mainly because of its name and shape. They get their common name from looking like a violin, but let's be honest they look utterly goofy. They are roughly 5 mm thick, craned their neck and put a tiny head at the end. Then their wing cases went mad such that they take up a ridiculous amount of space for no apparent reason, like an unreasonably massive dress, and well most of them have fused wings so they can't fly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They are also called banjo beetles, in the subfamily Lebiinae and can be found in rainforests of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia, Java, Malaysia and Sumatra).