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Ulyses Butterfly (Australian)

This is known in Australia as the Dunk Island Butterfly, a common butterfly in our tropics and in our region of Oceania. Males are so beautiful.

The sub-species I import are from Indonesia, where they have a breeding or ranching program that ensures the survival of the butterflies. They are mounted in a 8" x 10" shadowbox frame. They are preserved similarly to how museums do it.

Snake in Frame

This item will include a coiled snake skeleton specie that can range from a Viper, Water snake, Bronzeback, or a Krait depending on availability.

With no arms or legs the snake skeleton is fairly simple, with the skull connected to a long flexible spine with hundreds of ribs, this allows the snake to bend and curl its body.

The skull however is far more complex, designed to swallow prey much bigger than their head. This skeleton in a frame is a beautiful touch to any home and will impress everyone who comes over! It's a great way to appreciate the beauty of these powerful snakes and a constant reminder of their deadly venom.

Morpho Butterfly in Dome

Morpho Butterfly in Dome

Undersides of both sexes are brown with a row of brown-ringed, orange eyespots, outlined with pale, metallic-bronze. Females also have a broken band of metallic-yellow bronze. Blue morphos fly rapidly through dense forests and feed on the juices of fallen fruit. Males are particularly active, chasing each other in bright sunlight.

These domes are a beautiful touch to coffee tables, side tables or cabinets. Impress your friends and family whenever they come over so they too can appreciate the strength and beauty of these scorpions

From the people
From the people
I order this as a gift for my brother and I’m a little jealous I didn’t order it for myself, it’s absolutely stunning and the frame is pretty solid, I’m very pleased with my purchase xx
— Renae
From the people
Absolutely amazing piece, the shipping was impeccable considering it came all the way from Australia! This was a gift for my sister and she absolutely loved it. Craftsmanship is also just wonderfully done. Thank you so much 🫶🏼
— Lola
From the people
Thank you for going above and beyond! Highly recommend seller, you would not be disappointed. With no fuss seller resolved all my concerns. Item was a gift and friend is very pleased. This is my first purchase off etsy and the seller made it easy. Support this small business, Trevor's perfect rating is truly well deserved.
— Lee