Sunset moth duo in a dome



Species Name: Urania ripheus

Common Name: Suntet Moth
Origin: Papua

Size: 7" diam. base x 7"

Made in Australia

The Sunset moth is a serious contestant for the title of the most beautiful insect in the moth and butterfly world. Only found in Madagascar, native Malagasy people call it adriandolo or lolonandriana, from lolo for "spirit" or "butterfly" and andriana for "noble" or "king", therefore meaning "noble butterfly", "noble spirit", "king butterfly" or "king spirit".

Unlike in many other moths, the colour of the Sunset moth wings does not come from pigments. The colour originates from coherent scattering and interference of light by the microstructure of the ribbon-like scales covering the moth's wings. These structural characteristics make this species common subjects of research in optical science.

Named Chrysiridia rhipheus by its scientific name and family of Uraniidae, they can be found almost everywhere on the island, feeding on whitish-yellow flowers as a nectar source.

The Sunset moth has always been one of our most loved insect, and will always be a good choice in the wide variety of bugs.