Red cracker butterfly in a frame


Species: Hamadryas amphinome
Common Name: Red Cracker

Origin: Peru

Size: 4x6" Shadowbox Frame

The Red Cracker butterfly is strikingly beautiful – bright metallic blue and black calico coloration on the upperside, bold white stripe across its forewings. The combination of the patterns and color almost resemble a psychedelic art piece. They are often hard to spot due to their time spent in trees elevation, often above 10 meters

Called the Crackers due to the ability of the males to produce a sound similar to the crackling of bacon in a frying pan. The sound is produced as the butterflies take off possibly to deter competing males from occupying the same territory, or could act as a trigger to initiate the first response from a female during courtship.

Also called Hamadryas amphinome by it's scientific name, they are mostly found in Central and South America