Purple Daggerwing Butterfly in a Dome


Species Name: Marpesia marcella

CommonName: Daggerwing

Origin: Amazon

Size: 3.5" Wooden Base x 4.5" high

Being part of Nymphalidae the largest family of butterflies with more than 6,000 species. The purple daggerwing is an exceptionally beautiful small butterfly, displaying long dagger-like tails with a combination of iridescent purple (very rare in the butterfly world) and a flashy orange color. The butterfly will remind you of a beautiful sunset evening and is a excellent choice for anyone who is fond of butterflies.

The Daggerwing enjoy the vast tropical forests of southern and central America.

The scientific name is Marpesia marcella valetta

I carefully displayed it in a small dome to make it look as close to the wild life, and for you to be able to appreciate any angle of this butterfly

Small butterfly domes make excellent gifts, they don't take much space and look great on desk or shelve.