Nawab Butterfly in a Dome


Species Name: Charaxes spp.

Common Name: Nawab

Origin: Asia and Africa

Size: 3.5" Wooden Base x 4.5" high

The Nawab is a powerful and very fast flying butterfly, because of it's restless nature, photographers often struggle to take take photos of the Nawab.
It feed of moisture mineralized in sand , gravel or surfaces of roads and also on juices of fermenting fruits.

The scientific name is Polyura, from the Nymphalidae Family, they are native to the Indomalaya and Australasian ecozones. They are widespread from Pakistan to Okinawa Island, and from China to Pacific Islands.

I carefully displayed it in a small dome to make it look as close to the wild life, and for you to be able to appreciate any angle of this butterfly

Small butterfly domes make excellent gifts, they don't take much space and look great on desk or shelve.