Fulgora laternaria, Peanut Bug, in a Frame


Species Name: Fulogora laternaria

Common Name: Peanut buy, alligator bug, lantern fly

Origin: South America

Size: 5x7" Black shadowbox frame

Made in Australia

Fulgora laternaria can reach a length of 85–90 millimetres (3.3–3.5 in), with a wingspan up to 100–150 millimetres (3.9–5.9 in). This insect has a protuberance at its head as long as 10–15 millimetres (0.39–0.59 in), looking like a peanut and showing false eyes to resemble that of a lizard or a serpent. The insect was originally - and mistakenly - believed to be luminescent.  It will generally remain camouflaged on a tree trunk during the day.

It will knock its head on a hollow tree to create vibrations for mates.