Smyrna blomfildia, Blomfield Butterfly in a Dome


Species Name: Smyrna blomfildia

Common Name: Blomfield Buitterfly

Origin: Peru

Size: 4" Wooden base witth 4" glass dome

Here is a butterfly with some amazing underwing wavy patterns with two submarginal eyespots.

Mainly found in Central America, they enjoy the vast tropical forests and spend their time feeding on the juices of fermenting fruits.
Males are somewhat territorial and perch head downward on tree trunks to wait for females they fly swiftly and roost singly.

It's an interesting item for any bug collector.

I carefully displayed it in a small dome to make it look as close to the wildlife, and for you to be able to appreciate any angle of this butterfly

Small butterfly domes make excellent gifts, they don't take much space and look great on a desk or shelving.