Asian Bat Skeleton in a dome - Non-Cites Listed Species



Species Name: Cynopterus brachyotis Non Cites Listed Species

Common Name: Short-nosed fruit bat
Origin: Indonesia
Size: 7" diam. Wooden Base x 7" Acrylic Domes
Made in Australia

This is a real skeleton of a Short-nosed fruit bat. Just like birds, bat skeletons have light and reduced number of bones compared to the land vertebrate, which allows them to be powerful flyers. Once they find their landing spot they will use their shorter curved thumb to climb or walk on the ground.

Have you ever wondered why do bats roost upside down? One of the main reasons is to put them in an ideal position for takeoff. Unlike birds, bats can't launch themselves into the air from the ground. Their wings don't produce enough lift to take off from a dead stop, and their hind legs are so small and underdeveloped that they can't run to build up the necessary takeoff speed. Instead, they use their front claws to climb to a high spot and then fall into flight. By sleeping upside down in a high location, they are all set to launch if they need to escape the roost.

Its a beautiful item and a great way to admire skeletal anatomy.