5 horned rhinoceros beetle in a dome



The 5 horned rhino, is likely to be the beetle armed with the highest quantity of horns, used to battle other males over females, or food sites. Armored with a powerful exoskeleton and the ability to fly despite their massive size, make them tenacious survivors. They are active mostly at night to avoid some of the few predators capable to prey on them. There are so many interesting things about the rhinoceros beetles, some rhino beetles, are capable to lift it's own weight by 850 times. Because of that strength, when 2 males wrestle each other, one will occasionally catapult the other into oblivion. The front exoskeleton is so hard, I once tried to pierce it with a needle without success. Another interesting fact is when disturbed, rhinoceros beetles can produce loud hissing squeaks. These aren’t actually vocal noises—instead, they’re produced when the beetle rubs its abdomen and wing covers together.

The 5 horned rhino can be found in Asia (China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam), and loves to munch on rotten wood, nectar, old fruit and veggies.

Also called Eupatorus gracilicornis by its scientific name, they are a subfamily the the scarab beetle family