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Turquoise Emperor in a frame
Giant Purple Grasshopper in a Frame
Fulgora laternaria, Peanut Bug, in a Frame
Papilio maackii in a Frame (Summer Species)
Acherontia Atropos Death Head Moth in a Dome
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Pair of Alcides odontes, Zodiac Moth in a Black Frame
Rhinoceros beetles in a frame
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Alpine Black Swallowtail Butterfly in a Dome
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Smyrna blomfildia, Blomfield Butterfly in a Dome
Japanese emperor butterfly in a dome
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Leaf mimic grasshopper in a frame
Single Death Head Moth plus Coiled Snake in a Dome
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Hypolimnas Pandarus Butterfly in a frame
Double Maackii butterfly in a frame Spring and Winter Species
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Nawab Butterfly in a Dome
Idolomantis diabolica in a Black Frame
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Paracyphocrania major in a Frame
Triplet of Cicadas in a Frame
Attacus atlas, Atlas Moth Butterfly in a Dome
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Grays Leaf Insect, Phyllium Bioculatum in a Frame
Jungle Queen, Stichophthalma louisa in a Frame
Alcides odontes, Zodiac Moth in a Black Frame
Philaethria dido Scarce Bamboo Page Butterfly in a Dome
Goliathus albosigniatus Female in a Frame