Giant Swordtail Butterfly in a Dome



Species Name: Graphium androclese

Common Name: Swordtail Butterfly
Origin: Indonesia

Size: 7" diam. Wooden Base x 7" Acrylic Domes

Made in Australia

Being part of the family of swordtails, the Giant swordtail has by far the longest pair of tails in this family. The large size and beautiful black and white zebra-like patterns, make this butterfly look unique, compared to most of his other cousins.

It can be found in Indonesia (Sulawesi, Sula Islands).

The second butterfly on the bottom will vary depending on our available butterflies, but I always try to match the color pallet and harmony of this piece.

I carved the wooden base to nicely fit our pair of butterflies in a dome so that you can experience the 360 views of those beautiful creatures :)