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The beauty of framed butterflies

Newman Art Designs was established in 1996 as a small business in order to create and manufacture art pieces that capture the essence and beauty of nature that can be transposed into one's living room. With a handful of staff, Newman Art Designs was a pioneer of domed butterfly arrangements wherein butterflies are mounted in a setting that replicates nature as if the butterfly had just landed or the spider is attacking the scorpion.

Due to the fact that shops have little space to sell our products, framed butterflies were added to the range. Mounted butterflies do look a little clinical or scientific, so we tend to place the labels on the back to keep the artistic appearance.

We added resin products as an adjunct to our range to appeal to the younger generations who may just enjoy a crab key ring or rose necklace. Kids can also put the key rings on their school bags to identify their bags.

Kazuko Newman is a wildlife artist who finished a BFine A in 2012. We will be adding her art pieces over time. We will be listing mostly her originals and some limited editions so watch that space in Wildlife Fine Art. We hope to feature other renown wildlife artists as well

Product Specifications:

All the arrangements e.g domed and framed specimens feature real butterflies, beetles and selected arachnids from all over the world. The quality of specimens is "A1".

Specimens are mostly procured from insect and arachnid farms throughout the world, where they are captive bred. Farming of butterflies ensures the survival of natural populations (by reducing poaching pressure) and provides income to third world peoples who grow them, predominantly.

Domed specimens are individually and beautifully set with Australian, dried-flowers and Banksia nuts; mounted on stained, wooden bases and covered by clear acrylic domes in the case of the large domes but glass domes in the small domes. Alternatively, the same specimens are available in shadow box frames for slightly fewer prices.

Each specimen is preserved and dried, similar to how museums do it, using Naphthalene and will last indefinitely.
Best kept out of direct sunlight. Many more species are available on request. If there are particular species which you prefer which are not in the catalogue please don't hesitate to ask. We will do our best to get them in, after your agreement to a quoted price.

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