Conservation, Education, and Beautification with Mounted Butterflies
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Conservation, Education, and Beautification with Mounted Butterflies

November 22,2016 by Trevor Newman | Info Articles

Butterflies have always been synonymous with beauty. Who doesn’t love their intricate patterns in an almost infinite combination of colors, or how they fly with elegance? They’re so beloved, in fact, that butterfly sanctuaries have been established all over the world to conserve these lovely creatures and to educate people about them as well.

Besides watching these insects flit in your garden or visiting a sanctuary, however, there’s a wonderful way to appreciate their beauty for years to come— by having mounted butterflies in your home, or giving them as a gift. Not only do they make thoughtful presents for yourself and other people, but they come with several advantages as well.

mounted butterflies


Collecting and preserving butterfly specimens have long been an excellent way of conservation as well as documenting biodiversity. While natural history collections in museums are the greatest sources of information on the planet’s biological diversity, mounted butterflies complement these efforts as well. Such displays help other understand the living brothers and sisters of the specimen, thus raising and spreading awareness.

Learn New Things

Butterflies are incredibly diverse, and new species are constantly being discovered. In fact, eight new tropical butterfly species have been discovered in the year 2015 alone. If you’re passionate about nature, each butterfly frame in your collection means a deeper understanding of these gorgeous insects.

Fortunately, creators of butterfly art are willing to go the extra mile. If the butterfly you wish to order is not in the current list, some artisans will try and get that particular butterfly for you.

Invite Nature into Your Home

Finally, mounted butterflies are an incredibly unique way to decorate your home. A real butterfly in a frame retains its vibrant colors, making it seem alive and ready to fly at a moment’s notice. This makes them a spectacular showpiece and conversation starter anywhere you place them in your living space. Not only do they look incredible, but these butterfly frames make your home more warm and welcoming by providing a splash of nature.

Real butterfly art takes considerable skill to create, so make sure to find an artist that specializes in this art. Once you do, take your pick and enjoy this timeless piece of nature in the comfort of your own home.

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