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Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil and see blue morpho butterflies. They're truly captivating.:

If you ever have the chance to go to the amazon, you may be lucky to get a glimpse of the incredible beauty of the morpho didius butterfly which at times congregates on trunks of trees. Stunning isn't it?

If that seems too far to travel, why not purchase one encased in a dome or mounted in a frame from

It is like having a piece of Amazon in your home.



Conservation, Education, and Beautification with Mounted Butterflies

November 22,2016 by Trevor Newman | Info Articles

Butterflies have always been synonymous with beauty. Who doesn’t love their intricate patterns in an almost infinite combination of colors, or how they fly with elegance? They’re so beloved, in fact, that butterfly sanctuaries have been established all over the world to conserve these lovely creatures and to educate people about them as well...

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Framed Butterflies can Enhance Your Home’s Interior and Experience

October 19,2016 by Trevor Newman | Info Articles

Butterflies are majestic creatures, characterized by different wing patterns and beautiful colors. Thanks the subtle techniques of framing butterflies, you can now bring their beauty to the forefront in your home...

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